The first time I used e-mail was in 2003. I learned some useful things from Internet, and, I understood how wonderful it was to have communicate to my the people far, in a quickly and effectively way. The post in my country has a very bad service so internet is a very good option. Then when I learned how to create a blog, I was so excited, but then I was not very encouraged to continue with my blog. Somebody told me one time that Fecebook is a good way to express herself and I did not believed it, because the same person who told me that, has been having a lot of deceptions and depression caused by all the things she sees and reads in facebook, because using this network people shows very openly and in some cases imprudently they lives. But if there are networks that could connect people so widely, they can also be used to do positive things too. After reading about World Pulse seems to me that there is another way to establish connection with people from all over the world with a truly useful purpose, practicing social justice, and promoting equality in our societies. I think by this project “Voices of Our Future”, I’ll be able to make and learned something good. I have not heard before of “Global women’s empowerment movement”, but of course in my country, women are working and doing things to make their voices heard, even though there are a lot of things that have not changed yet, and machismo still rules the place of women in our society. In my country media helps in some cases the women’s empowerment process, but in most of the things that media publishes there are a lot of machismo and racism, things that most of the people takes as normal. With the internet women every where, if they can access to it, hve the opportunity to learn from other experiences and understand the important place women have in the society. Knowing how to use internet in this days, is like, knowing how to read and write some time in the past. I think it is the door to enter into a world of knowledge that comes from other people with the same ideals in the other side of the globe. Web 2.0 has many ways to connect people and share ideas that could change the world. As I was reading “Media and Women’s empowerment” I felt encouraged to be part of something where my voice could be heard. I never before thought I could express myself through this way, but as I see now, I am capable to work for a better place to live, being open to share my experiences and learn from other experiences of other wonderful women using web 2.0.

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Hola Maria Eugenia, gracias para unirte a PulseWire! It is so interesting to read about your first experiences with email and social networks -it made me remember my own. Your writing is great, and I hope you will keep expressing yourself, your thoughts, and your ideas in this community. Andrea

Hi Maria

You have a beautiful voice. You have explained the problems in your society and with Facebook well - your voice came across as honest, down to earth and open. Keep them coming.

Dear Maria Eugenia:

Thank you so much for your first essay! Indeed it is amazing that we can be connected, so seemingly easy, through Web 2.0 and a little machine.

I am enthused by your goal: to practice social justice and promote equality in society. And I am frustrated along with you by how the 'old order' of society with its prejudice and machismo is so challenging to turn around. Still, your enthusiasm reaches out across the many miles to my computer and encourages me. Once upon a time, eloquent writers had no one to read their ideas or appreciate their craft -- Emily Dickinson (a well loved American poet of the 19th century) stuffed most of her poems behind the siding on her walls, only to be found many years after her death. So, we have a lot to be grateful for! I agree with you that we women can come together in a powerful way using the internet.

I look forward to learning more about you and the goals you have for helping make the world a better place. I got to be a listener for this essay, and I thank you for the opportunity.


Anna aka OneinMany

Speaking my Peace

Hello Anna, thank you very much for your words, they give me a lot of strength to follow my ideals. I like your words and also your ideals. We all want to work together and be part of a better place to grow. Saludos de paz María Eugenia

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