Breaking New Ground: An Invitation to Partner with the PulseWire Team

Maria Jett
Posted September 2, 2007 from United States


We are delighted to have you join us in shaping this very special new community! As we break new ground together—delving deep into sensitive issues and brainstorming innovative ideas—many questions will arise. Some will have clear answers — others will require community discussion and further research. Whatever the case, our team is here to lend support to the community whenever and wherever possible. We hope you will do the same!

This is the first version of PulseWire to be unveiled to a limited public audience. Right now it is a starting point rather than a finished product—built on a flexible foundation that will allow us to continually make the improvements that are most important to the you. As you use the site, please bear in mind that it is a work in progress. Future versions will have different features and may also look different, depending on your feedback.

Your voice is vital to our process… Please, speak up if you discover something that’s not working for you!

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