Here's a grassroots online microcredit project I found though the link in Cori's post... complete with performance reports:

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From the Poverty Fighters website:

What is is working to provide practical help to the world’s poorest families – particularly the women of those families. It helps Microfinance Institutions work together to raise funds, while strengthening public awareness and support for microcredit.

How does the website work? When you enter the website, you are invited to click on the ‘donate’ button. This is completely FREE to the user, however a simple click means that sponsors will donate 25cents in loan credit to those in need. Every day, by simply clicking on this button and entering the site you can make a difference for someone in need.

What happens when I click on the "Donate" button? Does the donation cost me anything? There is absolutely no charge to you for the donation; it is fully paid for by the sponsors. When you click on the "Donate" button, the computer adds your donation to the day's totals and shows you the banners of the companies sponsoring your donation. These companies deposit funds in a loan-pool that benefits participating microcredit banks.

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Thanks for bringing this link up to the surface. There are tons of other sites out there that donate with the click of a button...I've been wary of them in the past, but it's great to read about how these sites work.

I would love to know if other users know of any similar sites, and of course I'll be doing my own research to see if I can pull up some others that operate on the same principle.

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