Rights of women on men and men on women in Islam

As we all know that before appearance of Islam there were rule and regulation in order to protect their right(neither men or women)for example they burn, buried, and they act with them like animal with them but by appearance of Islam not just all these things were finished but also Islam organize all life aspects. One of these aspects is women rights on men and men rights on women we mention there some of them: Rights of women on men: • Best person between you are those who have good manner with their wives. (hadith of our prophet) • Those who are not respect women are not respectable persons. (hadith of our prophet)

• The best way of spending money for men is the money that are spend for their family. (hadith of our prophet)

• Loving of women is one of the characteristics of our prophet (P.B.U.H). (hadith of our prophet)

• WOMEN AND MEN HAS EQUAL RIGHTS ON EACH OTHER. • Men and women are cloth for each other. (hadith of our prophet)

• The world is all commodities but the best commodity is women. (hadith of our prophet)

Rights of men on women: • Any women who passes her life with her husband’s life difficulty or comfort(share her husbands problem).Allah gives the reward of a devoted person in the way of Allah and fast keeper toward each word she used to her husband’s sympathy. (hadith of our prophet)

• Any one who prepare different kinds of tasty food for his husband at the doemsday God will say eat and drink this is the reward for those effects you made during previous time. (hadith of our prophet)

• Give charity and obey your husband sayings. (hadith of our prophet)

• When husband called them she must obey she must not fight with them. (hadith of our prophet)

• The women who are not obey their husband and accept on him the things that he cant she will lose her all good deed in the way that God will be angry with her. (hadith of our prophet)

• One compete women is better than thousand of in competent men. any women who makes effects to his husband life welfare for seven days Allah closes hill ‘s door instead open’s eight doors of paradise in order to enter through any of its door. (hadith of our prophet