t is not only sacred - it s vital for us and the planet - i want to write something about my community also - i have spread the call for climate justice to all candidates for mayers at my place at the moment,urging them to declare in their future work that they will have in mind the rights of earth,the conquenses of their future policy on the climate change and on the life in my community - and not only in mine,because i will spread this auction on social networks touching all other governments as well,because the problem is global.

And i will pray and meditate for cleaning of the planet on that moment,on full moon...

Region Europe

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Hi Marietta,

I agree with you that we have a beautiful world that we need to appreciate and care for. Everyone needs to join you in taking care of the environment in our daily activities and lives, for what we do now will not only affect us but will affect the future generation to come. The small things we do in caring of our environment will impact greatly in the global climate change.

We will join you in prayers and meditation for the earth.