VOW Week three - My blog is my voice and my image

Posted April 7, 2009 from Bulgaria
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HELLO DEAR FRIENDS, IF WE ARE HERE to share our stories,our views and ideas let us do it.Let us use WorldPulse as our own scene and be honest and open enough to give our knowledge and expertise to the other women. Try to make your blogs in a way that they will reprsent your mind and thoughts in clear way - then i think we can easily communicate with each other of this community and from the globe. We have made the base sharing our personal stories,some of us have posted events,activity or formed a group . WHEN ten or twenty of us using our blogs in one direction our power is enormous - so i think that everyone of us shpould put as much energy in it as it is possiible. MAY BE FOR A POLITICAL CAUSE,OR for busines or for social change - if we are well informed of the tools of blogging and use them in a proper way i think there will be no unachievable goal. I HAVE MY POLITICAL AMBITIONS and i know that if i concentrate on them using my journal,media tools and creativy i will have them,my voice will reach the right people at the right time. I WANT TO teach women across the world in some virtues of spiritual character and i am sure that i will find here followers which will be worth enough. We can use our blogs for competitions for example of forms of visual arts or represent our pieces in them. If we have a scene it is better to use it with maximum respect and not to leave other people to decide our lives - we can do it by ourself. I WILL POST one political collage,which i have already sent to one exhibition in Holland - so we can organize such an activity here through our blogs. LET our souls and our spirit come on the surface,put them in the blogs as they are our voices and our images.

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  • Grace Taylor
    Apr 13, 2009
    Apr 13, 2009

    Dear Marietta - I'm glad I get to be your listener for this week's assignment because I got to see some of the artworks you posted. I like them a lot. Your writing is bold and energetic. I get a sense of what you are wanting to achieve through blogging - community, empowerment and other goals. A suggestion I might make is that you notice when you are speaking from your own, first person perspective (I think, I feel, I want to, etc.) vs. speaking from the perspective of "us" (we can, our stories, etc.) Both are powerful but I would like to know more about your own unique perspective. I hope these are helpful comments and look forward to learning more about your work!

    My best, Grace

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