Get real, those invisible lines are also in your brain and you have the power because you had the universe within you

Posted August 2, 2014 from Colombia

Is there. For us. Invisible, but I know is there.

Right now, today, being in a remote island I know it exists, and I also know you will have it that day you that you will be reading this that I am writing being far apart in time and space but connect it by its magic. Invisible lines which connects our specie.

Today I feel amazingly sad. Beyond. Because I can not get those invisible lines, those dots that could make this planet the best one. I believe there are many other planets also another beings, how ever this is mine and I feel we could change the way we are relate it to others, and not just only in this planet, by just having the right gadgets which could get those invisible lines into it and be by our side. Maybe this trip allow me to understand a bit more how being disconnect it does not allow us to find equity, democracy and justice.

I have faced all my life the challenge to get a connection with my own world. I had faced even humiliations to the point where technology sellers believe I was a guerrilla woman just for the fact I have grown in a country with two oceans, an amazing geographic position and the reality that my planet is fighting for a drug which make it forget all the pressure and unhappiness of its population.

To break the silence we need to have a real connection. To speak with need to have a real connection. To be free we need a real connection. To evolve we need a real connection. To find the happiness this planet has lost we need a real connection. We used to have it. But we lost it. We had it deep inside us and we forgot how it worked for our own benefit. We used to have it between other human beings and we lost the capacity to communicate even being far away. Just a few make that possible still. There were times when people just “think” and the other received the signal which makes magic in their lives. They used to use our powerful brain to connect, to be there, to heal, to live, to communicate with others, with many even being far away. Those times are almost gone, we changed, our brain has made such an efforts to develop many things that our brain is not the same.We design things for us, we designed things and we can not forget those gadgets were to help us to communicate, to be there when we can, to travel in time and space and to make that happen we need them to be available for all, for many, for more.

The invisible lines we still have in our brain to make real connections are now outside our brain but they are for security reasons, they might say, CLOSED. We have our own connections closed. Right now far away in a cloud forest, while I tried to finish this writing I started in a remote island in my country, I see in my computer just my connection but I know there are places where my computer is full of signals that had a small symbol which changes everything: a padlock.

A small padlock is getting me apart from the world, my own world. A padlock does not allow me to get the lines that even touch my body, affects it and changes my relation with my planet.

It is not fair. I do not want it. NOT. This is not how it should be. This is not what this was invent it for. ¿Where is that brain who invent it to ask him if he did? Please, tell me the truth, as I remember dynamite which was not invent it with the purpose it is use right now, or many more things which are made for different reasons and end up used by unscrupulous people for their own good.

Enough, I have had enough. Not more. NO: Freedom the line, freedom our connections, we are not slaves anymore and we can not live oppressed. Do not think we can not think. We can and we can change the work we live in. We are more. And we are good as we have still those connections which make us the specie we are, we are an unique specie which can get what we want and we still have the time to touch our own specie even with this symbols I am writing right now in the darkness and the silence of my nest. I had my words to express those symbols you are reading and which are telling you DO SOMETHING and DO IT NOW, get real, get back your connection, it is in your nature. Our universe is with in us.

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