Hi Folks – see below for call-in number and code for the next PotoFanm conference call.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Start Time: 12 pm ET

Dial-in number 1-218-936-4141

Access Code: 2716316

We’ll start this call with your clarifying questions about the survey and

the rest of the planning process - Then we’ll move to other PotoFanm business

& announcements. Please send agenda items to me at marthaw@lmi.net

The Planning discussion calls will be on Weds June 16 and Weds June 30

at noon ET. Let’s practice being on time this Weds– We really need to get the next

two planning calls going on time so we can cover everything.

Don’t forget surveys are due by Friday June 11th

If you did not get an invitation with a link to the survey that is because I don't have your email. If you would like to participate in the PotoFanm+fi planning process this month please send me your email and I'll make sure you get a survey.

Thanks - Martha Wallner