VOF Week 1: Liberation

Martha Tholanah
Posted March 24, 2009 from Zimbabwe

Web 2.0 is a concept that has excited me in that it opens a whole new world that is also liberating. The idea is motivating me to reviving skills that were hibernating for many years. Web 2.0 has transformed the way I view and relate to my computer, and that makes me use it more. It excites me because all alone, with Web 2.0 as a catalyst, I am not really alone. I can write my innermost thoughts, ideas, and whatever else I think of that may be happening around me. I make decisions on whether to share, and when to share. I am excited by the fact that others can give feedback, and we can have a conversation around a topic, with a really exciting community all over the world – people I never imagined I would converse with. The idea of reading other people’s posts and responding to their thoughts makes me feel like I am dropping into kitchens and lounges in people’s homes all over the world for a quick chat.

This presents a cost-effective way of sharing ideas, sharing solutions and strategies. Learning about what other women are doing in different parts of the world, responding and discussing within moments, without the delay and cost of postage and travel means much more can be achieved. Messages of solidarity can be crafted together within one day, and alerts send out very rapidly to like-minded individuals and communities.

Web 2.0 is empowering for me as it has spurred me to be more consistent in my personal journal entries. This in turn is a way of relieving stress, and spurs me to move on and be adventurous. As I also read other people’s postings on PulseWire, I hear myself echoing the US President, and saying to myself, “Yes, I can!” I can only see the sky as the limit, and feel my age has been halved through access to this technology and I have a lot more to do that I am really excited about.

Emagazine: Bridging Borders

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  • LauraB
    Mar 26, 2009
    Mar 26, 2009


    What a voice! "Hibernating for many years" "dropping into kitchens and lounges in people's homes all over the world for a quick chat" and "feel my age has been halved through access to this technology" These phrases capture Martha's voice pulsing Martha across the globe from Zimbabwe to Laura in Portland, Oregon. These descriptive phrases bring lively description to your writing. Give me more of these- I love them.

    Will you tell us more concrete ways that you will use Web 2.0? Can you see yourself writing about specific issues in your community, your work, your family? I can only imagine your creativity for Web 2.0 is boundless. The more specific you are, the more real Martha becomes to Laura. I love hearing your voice and will be right with you in week 2.

    Can I use the phrase, "my age halved"? I like feeling 22 years old today!

    Keep writing Martha! Laura

  • Martha Tholanah
    Apr 08, 2009
    Apr 08, 2009

    Thank you, Laura. You can use the phrase, of course. I will be writing more about myself, and dragging out those little pieces I have scribbled in my note books and my computer as I reflected on my life and my environment. It is strange feeling more alive and eager to embrace life than I did before getting to know my HIV+ status six years ago. Kind of weird feeling that it is the HIV that has brought me to this, and I intend writing more and more about these issues... and more!