World pulse: “not only the opportunity to talk, but to learn how to act” Why do I have visions and goals? How is it related to world pulse and the voices of future program? my position in the family and society, struggles of life, and being evidence of my dearest friends, family and also my miserable experiences have given me the strength to take a step, dare to raise my voice and march to have an action for my women, and my people. Hence, the voice of future program and world pulse is like a mother who takes her child’s hand, help, and gives her verve to stand and walk. I am a girl who was born in a middle family in Afghanistan. I was six when my deceased during Taliban’s period. After that hurricane in our life, my mom started a class for neighborhood girls, and I began studying at home. I started my school from sixth grade, but while going to school every day, we, girls don’t only used carry our books but also we used carry the fear of being teased or acid being poured on our faces, like those eleven girls whose faces were damaged with acid poured by the Taliban in Kandahar on 5th April 2007. Besides, I used to see those women who were suffering from crippling poverty which is far beyond the individuals; it limits access to resources (job, education, and healthcare) which are also a reason that many women have chronic deprivation, violence and child marriages. Consequently, these issues authorize me to study harder make my goals to change these situations. My journey began when I felt that only knowledge can empower me. After coming in Asian University for women a Nepali girl took my friends interview and said,” it will be published in World Pulse,” I asked her to help me to open an account, and I did so. I shared some of my stories and I received very courageous feedbacks. That positive comments and inspirations made me to feel that I can do something, and there are people who need me to talk for them to the world and to do something for them; therefore, I applied to 2010 America Peace Conference. Through a scholarship I went to the conference, I was really “educated, inspired, and led,” therefore, my vision was to be the change in my community, and encourage girls in my community to continue their education, but when I went to Afghanistan, I consult with my mom about making a “Conscious rising conference for the school girls”, she said, “you cannot do that because the society first will consider your gender.” After constantly trying to convince her, she took me to a meeting where all the school principles and high educated women were invited. I started to share my idea, have feedback, and support, but as soon as I started they began to talk with each other about my age, my gender… so I couldn’t finish what I wanted to say. Therefore, I believe that voices of our future program will seal the bareness in me equip me and empower me to fight against any problem, help me to raise my voice louder to be heard, and help my sisters to be able to raise their voice. If we are girls it doesn’t mean that we should always consent to everything. As Judith Lorber said,” I am not saying that physical differences between male and female’s bodies don’t exist, but that these differences are socially meaningless until social practices transform them in to social facts.”

Citations: 1. “Despite Dangers, Afghan Girls Determined To Learn “By Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson on 1th may 2009

  1. Judith Lorber, “Believing is seeing, Biology as Ideology”, 1992 Cheryl miller Lecture


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Dear Marvah,

there are stories of women all over the globe that face the problems you describe, problems that we shall overcome only when we try to make an impact in our lives and our communities. You are on right track.

Keep up the good job.

Warm Regards, Aida.

To place importance on your future and recognize the strength of your past is hard and most people can't do it. But you have shown that you can with grace and brilliance. I am excited to hear more from you, where you place much needed energy on education and how it can shape and change one persons life in such a positive way.

-Carri Pence

Very powerful. The conditions you wrote about are shocking, especially considering the current war being fought in your country. I appreciate your thoughts so much and wish you the best as you continue this essential work.