My Goals and Visions: A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song, (Maya Angelou, writer). I am really interested in women’s education, and my vision is to educate Afghan women, be their voice, talk and work for them, and I believe that one day my dream to work and empower women through education will come true. I have many ideas in order to promote education in Afghanistan where women are considered as second gender. In my opinion to endorse education in Afghanistan some rules are needed to be made and some are needed to be changed, high schools are needed to be established in rural parts, women university is needed to be established, and also women organizations are needed as well. First, I want to change and make new rules for the Ministry of high education. For example, According to Time Magazine, “Ulama (religious priests) council has established a rule that girls who gets scholarship should not go to other countries without Mahram (male).” These kinds of rules limit girls’ access in education, and need to be changed. Moreover, the other unceasing problem is early marriages; about 70 to 80 percent of Afghan women face to force and early marriages (Abdullah Ghazi). Thus, I would make offices or courts where everybody should register their marriage and do not allow girls to marry before their eighteens. In this situation women could finish their high school at least. Likewise, the government should make a rule that more girls be registered in schools and universities; it will be helpful as well. Secondly, more women universities, schools and organizations need to be established. As we know Afghanistan is a Muslim country, and families are conservative, most of the time they don’t allow their daughter to study because she has to study in a coeducational Universities. High schools are also very important to be established in the country side, because at the moment they just can finish till eight grades, and teachers in the rural schools have studied only till seven or eight grade or just have Quran education (can read and write). Moreover, women should be familiar with new globalized world, and their capacity should be improved, but at the moment there are women who even don’t know how to use a mobile to make a call. Thus, we need to make some organizations to empower women like Empower Peace and in the USA. And also create some courses for illiterate women to improve their knowledge, and to be able to attend to the government schools Therefore, Voices of future is like a gate between two worlds. One world is dark and I can’t see where to go, I can’t see if I have a listener to talk or a guide to show me which way I should go to reach my goal. The other world is very lightened, I can learn a lot, I have people to talk as question, and they can guide me, and help me to step toward my dreams and make them real and that is the voices of future’s world. In there I will be able to be the Afghan women’s voice, As an Afghan woman, share their experiences, visions, dreams, struggles, and stories. I really don’t like when in media like T.V, Radio, Internet, magazine or newspaper, there is a news about Afghan women but someone else talks instead of them why not themselves? Many people around the world have a negative image of an Afghan woman, an illiterate, conservative, and not able to talk for her. For example, I was surprised than when an old American woman asked me that where,” Can you read and write? By being voices of future I wouldn’t only talk as an afghan woman but as a nation. Hence, With being a voice of future I would not be the only girl who have been given the chance, but hundreds of others girls as well because I want to be able to train capable women would be able to negotiate and be a part of decision making in the family, society and country. I really wish to be a part of this amazing program.

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Marvah, First, I apologize for the obviously ignorant American woman who asked such a stupid question. I have met many amazing Afghani women and have such high hopes for your country if women like you are allowed to prevail. Your piece was inspirational whilst also offering concrete ideas. Your passion for education sings like a bird. I too wish you all the luck to accomplish your goals. A job well done. Terri

Please dont aplogize! I know all the people are not the same, thier thoughts, visions, and knowledge is different, it is acceptable for me;). By the way, Thanks for comment, Wish your wish comes true! Thank you


Marvah, I hope all your dreams for a better Afghanistan come true, and that you and women like you continue to fight for the rights, voice, and needs of women, in your country and the world.




Lovely essay. Your ideas about speaking for yourself are powerful! I look forward to hearing more from you and other Afghan women who can share their truth with the world.

Best, Sarah