Dear my lovely mentor,

Marvah Shakib
Posted October 30, 2010 from Afghanistan

Dear my lovely mentor, I am really happy to find a good instructor, senior, or friend through this unique opportunity. I believe that the way of expressing our ideas and believes has a very strong effect on our achievements, and goals. Hence, I have chosen to participate in Voices of Our Future program for three reasons. First, to improve my capacity and learn about citizen journalism, how important, and effective it is? And how can I have a strong, effective, and convincible voice. Second reason is, to make lifetime friends with the women (classmates) who attended in this program, learn from them, and obtain help, and support from them now and in the future. Third reason is, to share my thoughts and raise my voice, receive comments which have always encouraged me, and improve my vision and thoughts. But, Attending to this program has gone beyond my reasons and expectations, and they have introduced a mentor for me. I am really excited to have you, because I really need somebody to help me in my academic life. I am an ambitious girl, so I use to attend in any opportunity and class that seems interesting and conversant; therefore, most of the time I have problem with time management. I also face problems while writing in English, so I need somebody to check my works before I submit. To sum up, I am really lucky to gain such a good instructor, senior, or friend. I hope that, I can learn many things from our valuable relationship which will help me to learn many things, and I also wish to can learn how to manage my time, and overcome with my writing difficulties. Best Regards Marvah Shakib


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    Nov 04, 2010
    Nov 04, 2010

    I like your title: Dear my Lovely mentor. I find it more personal. I also apreciate your frankness it helps me overcome my barrier of not being an English native. But the most important is not the English we write but the idea and strenght we share. And it is a blessing to have our mentors and midwives to help us improve the style we use to convey our thoughts.