Introducing myself and my journal: Young in a Toxic Town

mary dupree
Posted September 9, 2010 from United States

About Me: My name is mary Dupree im 17 years old and i leave in a Mossvilee louisana which CNN lables as a toxic town. I have lived here,mossville, my whole life thinking the civil injustice is normal. The reason why we are labeled a toxic town is because we live approximately 3 miles from the chemical plants. These plants refuse to be held acountable for the health care problems that majority of the residents have like,diabetes, cancer,and asthema , just to name a few. The dixion levels in our soil is almost triple the average area in the united states. We have toxicology reports that can give the specific chemical plants that have polluted our soil and water, yet they still say they have no fault. When i was told all this information i decided to make a change. I wanted other youth in my area and beyond to understand these health hazards. I spoke to a member of the adult mossville envirnomental action now and we made a youth sector with the help of students from Sarah Lawerence College. Which is the scool i would like to attend upon my graduation.

My Passions: I really would lilke to help the youth of mossville to understand the hazards of living in mossville

My Challenges: my challemge is to get the youth motivated about helping their community and themselves

My Vision for the Future: I want true economical justice for people of all races

My Areas of Expertise: Im excellent in any area dealing with the youth.

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    Sep 10, 2010

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