Это история одной молодой женщины, с которой я недавно познакомилась. У нее богатый муж, но ее жизнь полна унижений. Я написала по ее просьбе письмо про ее судьбу, изменив ее имя. Что вы думаете об этой ситуации? http://www.podruga.po-secretu.ru/?p=38

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This is the story of a young woman with whom I recently met. Her rich husband, but her life is full of humiliations. I wrote at her request, a letter about her fate, changing its name. What do you think about this situation?

Money Man Sometimes I think it would be better living in poverty, but in love

I got married in 19 years. My mother and two brothers were living without a father, very poorly. So when I got a rich husband, a long time I was thinking, rushed to get married. After the wedding, heard, what a family I got. My husband beat me for any "offense", and his mother and sister still cheer him. One sister-in-law she beat me. I have already had a little girl, and I ran to my mother. Her husband arrived with his friends, took the child and said that if I did not go with him we will be without my daughter. He has great connections, he threw me the drug, or do even worse. In general, I went with him. When the children grew, he became calmer now, almost never beats me, but verbally humiliated. I look forward to when they grow up and understand anything then we can get away from him.

Many envy me: we live in a cottage, I am well dressed. But the money he gives me a little, just for food. Buy clothes together, all he chooses, but I do not have the right to vote. One of the joy that children are in no need, as I once was. Although sometimes I think it would be better living in poverty, but in love. How can I live, I do not know whether there is enough patience to raise children.