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Preparing to celebrate an advocacy day: International Day of the Girl Child

Sally maforchi Mboumien
Posted September 9, 2017 from Cameroon
Celebration of the International Day of the Girl child 2016

As part of the #EmpowerMeDontBlameMe campaign action plan, we are reinforcing our message through sexual and reproductive rights education and entrepreneurial skill training for adolescent girls within our rural community.

We are going to carry out a month advocacy outreach in 8 rural communities targeting young girls who are not privileged to get unbiased information on their sexuality.

We are therefore soliciting support from those interested in my mission to uphold women and girls' sexual and reproductive right to help actualize this move.

You can support us with:

  1. videos for us to project within the communities
  2. different documents on adolescent sexuality and pressures for distribution
  3. basic needs to maintain personal hygiene like pants, toothbrushes, scissors, soap, menstruation bracelets etc
  4. support transportation of team to the various communities ($100 per community)
  5. subsidize the entrepreneurial skill training in any community
  6. your time to volunteer or fundraise for this activity

We count on your usual support

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