About Me: I am Masjaliza Hamzah, and I work at the Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia www.cijmalaysia.org . I was a print journalist for 10 years but left that comfortable chair to work for Sisters in Islam -- a Malaysia-based Muslim women's group that totally rocks! That first leap of faith brought me to a space where I learned about human rights and progressive Islam -- two things which really resonate with me. I enjoyed working for a woman boss -- Zainah Anwar -- and though I have left SIS, she still inspires me :) As a journalist, I was active in promoting media freedom in Malaysia, and also did my part for the journalists' union. I studied Industrial Engineering but never practiced because I much prefer the pen to a stopwatch. I am also a keen supporter of Malaysia's human rights group SUARAM. I read in my spare time and tend to read a few books at the same time though I have to admit I sometimes don't finish any of them!

My Passions: media freedom, access to information, progressive Islam

My Challenges: restrictive laws, maintaining hope

My Vision for the Future: a world free of discrimination where we can express opinions openly and disseminate information freely

My Areas of Expertise: Malaysian media, Muslim women Southeast Asia

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Dear Masjaliza,

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Your "About Me" section is so enthusiastic, I look forward to reading more of your reflections on the work you did at SIS and the work you are doing with the Centre for Independent Journalism and SUARAM! The crossroads of religion and advocacy are a common topic in World Pulse, and we will await your thoughts on this and more in future posts!

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resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything

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Wa'alai kum as'salam Masjaliza,

Hope you find this in good health. I was fortunate enough to live in Malaysia for two blissful years. It is a beautiful, God-gifted country indeed. It is encouraging to see you fight for press freedom in Malaysia, because when I was there, that was one of the society's biggest handicap. As a Pakistani, I know a thing or two about censorship and lack of freedom of speech. I wish you luck!