my journal is called violence based on gender as i told you i,m conglese nationality ,i was born in hight plateau of minembwe arae in that place there are many problem about gender since i was kid i can,t saw ladies and girls go to school like boy . it was very hurted to us like feminine gender .it was many problems but i have to talk about two of them .one it was difficult to see ladie go to school like boy,even if she is clever than boy , the parents consider more boy than girls so that they give chance to go to school for boy than girls then you know that when give your kid chance of study just you give him/her chance to have good living all life ,in that time you see that there is violence based on gender ,is not good that mind can,t developpe our country at all . second one is to oblige girl to make sexe by force in our country that problem is very hard because of a war ,while there is a war some men take by force little girl and ladie to make sexe with them by force ,many ladie died, onather get virus of sida because of violence of ladies in a war periode , in my side i beg all people in a world to helpe us to stop violence based on gender, to avoid violence based on gender ,you know that our country have a problem of a war ,that cause us to be suffering by violence base on gender ,i beg all people in world to help the people who are suffering by those problems ,which ar5e above, please friends sisters, brothers,let us join to gether an all people in a d a void to violence based on gender.your ideas are need thankx

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This is very disturbing, violence based on gender is a big issue, that will require more effort from us women, to support each other and speak one voice. I am victim I know it is not easy for women to come out of a marriage of more than 25 years, and have children, but this is something that a woman has to decide to make a choice to come out of a violent relationship.

It is possible to do that, This is an issue that we need God's grace and direction to handle because on our own we can not manage. With God all things are possible. You need to speak up and organise women, let those women who are victims speak out, and also those who have managed to come out of gender based violence give advise and encouragement to the victims .

Also find a paltform you can use to address all these issues of HIV & AIDS, Violence against women and empowerment. start from your neighbourhood. You can do all things through christ who strengthens you.

All the best & stay Blessed.


thankx so much as i told you in our country DRC that problem still difficult thing ;it not easy for us like congolese women we have to join together with other women in World inorder to have effort to a winner over that proble against wo,en in a world so thanhx so much for your good support which is good ideas you give me just continue;i;m so sorry to you to be victime of violence; sorry ;how do you do right now friend ?;are you okay ?how do you feel my dear? just take it easy GOD will help you ok;then take care,yes i know i have to speak up every day because of my people are suffering as i told you even the women in world are my friends in differnent country women are suuffering too ;i have to visit them ;to give the, advice according to their problem ; by thye mercy of Lord we will be protect ok may God keep you well i know is him ,who giuide us every day


I really understand the agony we women go through, in Africa when you have been married for years and have children, when your Husband is abusing you, usually women dont get much support from freinds and family, they will just tell, that he willchange you have to be strong for the sake of the marriage dont leave your husband.

This is what people are telling me , so I have just told my self that I have a choice and I can do something about it. I am now looking for a job so that I can be independent, then empower my self move on because I know I deserve better.

Thank you so much, God Bless you and all the best, Let us continue to speak out and GOD WILL MAKE A WAY FOR US IF WE DONT GIVE UP.