ello ;friends;brothers and sister; as i told you i live in south of kivu in DRC ;because i know that my country have probleme of a war i will never ever be quiet; i will raising up my voice about my friends who are suffering because of violence based on the gender ;so that i went in north of kivu in goma to visite the ladies who are victime in periode of a war of M twenty three which happen in goma in this year so when i reach there i feel to cry because of my people suffering; i make with them a conversation ; i ask them some questions about their problem; then they told me what happen ;then what i did i gave them some advice about those they told me ;then i pray Lord with them ;i pray my GOD to help them ;and to take of them for me ;so now days they phoning me ; they said they take strengh step by step by the mercy of our LORD ;so i thankx GOD who give them effort to take their problem easy ;let us raising up every day and every where and our LORD will help us ok

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thankx friend for ur good ideas ;iwish to do more than i have done if God blesse me i will go to visi them with clothers;foods ;some money; because they are suffering ;then i hope it;s will be possible by the mercy of LORD any way friend where do you live ok dear keep on catch ok u can advice me what i can do ok tata