as i told you before i;m congolese woman ;i was born in Minembwe in hight plateau so i;m from tribut of Banyamulenge ;i want to tell you about my story since before years ago in our culture they don;t consider a girls like boys in our society ;it was terrible my dear friend can you imagine ; in a family of four children ;three girls one boy they grow up together then after parents give to boy some things which will help him in his future life but for girls nothing they can;t give them ;this things hurt my heart so much why it happan to us so that i can be quiet about this it is not good for us ; how one child can gain from parents but others get zero like heritage;or some thing frome parent which can helpe in your future life;even me i;m married now but i didn;t gain any thing from my parents like herity because i;m girl you none can be victime because of her sex ; for this reason i can;t be quiet then i don;t Want for our future girls to meet that problem in their life ;even if we meet that problem but i wish a change then i hope it will be resolved if we don;t give up to rising up our voice i;m look forward to gaining from your understanding and experience that we might become greater nation; those year and years ago they girls can;t express their problem themself but now it is the time express ourself it;s time to breaking silence because it hurt our heart ;i talk about my tribut may be in others tribut in congo they have same problem so that let us ring up our voice and avoid that problem in our world ;for i see that problem it is another kind of violence.

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May the hurt in your heart, and the hearts of other women with similar stories, be released through your powerful voice in this world. Thank you for breaking silence and speaking out. Your voice matters!

thankx for your cmment to encourage to continue to speak up about violence based on gender even now in the worldthere are many country which have same probleme like mine so let us avoid it by the mercy of GOD it will be resolved ok thankx so much


Wishing you healing and connection here on World Pulse. Thank you for sharing your story so that we can create a change!

You're an inspiration to the next generations.

Scott Beck

hello my brother thankx so much for comment to my story i will never ever be quiet about my story even now there many things which not good to my people i have plan to speak up for it inorder to avoid it thankx so much my dear friend just continue to give your ideas ok cheers


Dear Antoinette,

Thank you so much for speaking out! By doing so, you are helping to break the cycle of violence. As you say, discrimination towards girl children is another kind of violence. Being discriminated against can crush our spirit, our hope, our self-esteem and our potential. What's more, we all lose out on receiving the amazing gifts that these girls would offer our communities and world, should they be given proper love, nurturing, and support.

I am so sorry that you were treated in such a way. I feel hopeful that you are speaking out and calling for this cruel treatment against girls to end. Your voice is powerful and can inspire others to speak out as well. Together we can change the dominant culture! Let's stay connected and not be afraid to speak truth!

With love,


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thankx so much susan for your comment about my story ,exactly we must be away for afraid we have to speak up about our peolpe in the world even now i have another story about our culture in congo which is not good so right now i,m going to sent it in my culture it,s terrible susan you can,t imagine you will read it in my next journal see u just stay connected thankx somuch susan by i wish our next gerelation they will have goog future ,good being bye cheers