help your friends

Posted January 24, 2014 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

to help your friend it ;s like you help yourself cause if your be blessed even you u are blessed also and if ur friend gain the best thing that best will also become to u so i used it like i;m lady ambassadors in maman shujaa media center i used to explain the message which wrote in english and i explain to my friends who don;t understand english and i use to teach my friends in maman shujaa media center who doesn;t know englih i;m their teacher and i;m vonluteer teach of english language and i know well and i hope so that it will improve the knowledge of our members in maman shujaa media center next time the will know to write in english them self and to teach them english it will facilitate our communication with worldpulse it will be okay so that is my contribution in worldpulse so help your friends whatever you can for friend it become to you too and rising your up you are able to do evrey things couse you have capacity

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