Why not peace ?? Peace is what? for my idea peace is to end the war, to violence, discrimination and to end all acts of trauma. We seek peace around the world, Congo considered battle violence against women, and especially that it is everywhere in the world We Congolese, we suffer a lot because of the war Jesus you promised us peace on earth, then in our country there is the war .Seigneur help us find peace in our country, we want peace with you. Just peace, come and dwell with us Come peace until the return of the Messiah We implore you come to the world The peace of the Lord united our country We implore you come to Africa The peace of the Lord brings unity and harmony We implore you come to Congo The peace of the Lord brings unity among the Congolese. The men are dead, Moms are raped Children are exploited in different armed groups Young people are destroyed and explored by ... Because of you war Congo became a battleground, The blood of innocents flows everywhere in Congo The cries of war feels everywhere in Congo the days ago that the cries of the weapons are heard across the Congo and people take refuge in almost all over the world because of the war. Children are abandoned by their parents because of the war My God, when will be peace in the world? Let us join hands for peace !!!may our Lord World kingdom of peace may peace be in Gaza ,palestine DRC syria. India all continante in the World peace with all peoples

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Very heartfelt words Masoso,

Your plea is very compelling. I am here in the United States hearing your cry and many around the world can as well. I wish nothing but for your dreams of peace to come true. Are you involved with any women's groups and/or NGO's that are also fighting the same fight as you for peace in your country? I hope to hear that these issues become resolved in the Congo during this lifetime so that future children can live free lives.

Best, Ashley

Think big, dream big, believe big, and the results will be big!

Hello my dear just to thank you for your comment yes my dream is living in peace here in DRC even in the World then I involved in association which give empower women in their activities even to teach them how to avoide violence against women thanks so much for your encouragement

I like this Think big,dream big, believe big, and the results will be big

thanks so much


I am serving as an ambassador to the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 

The purpose of this event is to create harmony, not necessarily agreement, among the spiritual voices on our shared earth.

I would very much like to bring the harmony of World Pulse voices with me. I am planning a One Billion Rising event http://www.onebillionrising.org/ in conjunction with the Women's Initiative on the fisrt day of the parliament. Please look at the attached links and let me know if you'd like to add your voice.


Continue being a blessing in our shared universe.