• NEEMA WAS EXPLAIN about woman and vote

on17th April in mamashujaa media center  Neema  was train women about and how they contribute in vote even in Congo is not easy but we can do like congolese  , she was explained  how we have power and she was telling us to have self confidence  

it was amazing training  there are some picture for this



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Take action! This post was submitted in response to The Path to Participation Initiative from World Pulse and No Ceilings.

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Dear Antoinette,

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures and information about the training. It sounds like the training was very impactful about how women need to build self confidence and be able to participate in the government. Thanks for sharing about this event.

Sincerely, Alyssa Rust 

Dear Antoinette,  Your photos are just great!!  They connected me with all those attending the training.  Trainings can make such a difference in how one feels about one's ability to bring about change.  It's great that she stressed the importance of self-confidence.  Thank you for sharing your story and pictures with World Pulse.  

May your work to empower women grow and thrive.



Dear Antoinette

Thanks so much for sharing your photos and your story. Supporting and educating women on the power of their vote is such important work - great things can be achieved when women work together to assert their power and rights.

Keep up the great work and sending you best wishes,