It's time to go to sleep But I can't pull myself away I just have to see Yet another poem And read Yet another journal entry From the many brilliant women That World Pulse has brought together

One more Like an alcoholic Who's had one too many But still can't get enough I stay on the internet Pushing aside thoughts of my phone bill Forgeting that tomorrow's a working day Just to stay connected To women of the world For just one more minute

Oh, this is addictive Will I ever get enough I wonder But of this I sure am Grateful to World Pulse For connecting me To other women

Women like me Who are trying to make a difference Despite the odds And achieving great success With neither resources Nor recognition Thank you World Pulse team For this great platform And to all the women Who've made this a great resource I salute you!


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Right now my stomach is growing for dinner but instead of cooking I am here, reading your lovely words. Thank you for sharing!

Good night/ Good morning/Great day!,


with something I was not expecting. Such incredible love and such incredible humbleness. PulseWire was built so that every woman any place has a platform not only to be heard, but to be seen. Matilda, you. see. us... you see Jensine and her vision. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You are a beautiful poet. I salute YOU.

With love, Jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations