About Me: My name is Morenikeji AJIDAGBA. Born some years ago into the family of late pa Haroun Oshibanjo, an accountant and Mrs. Titilayo Oshibanjo, a business woman. Being a girl from the yoruba tribe in Nigeria, the society expected so much from the role it bestowed on me as a traditional home keeper. Due to this I was basically relegated to the background to be second to my male counterparts. But deep down in me I was more than just this so I devoted my self mostly to my studies and always pass my exams in flying colors to the admiration of my father which endeared me to him as his favorite child before his demise in 2003. I learned very early in life that I can speak and stand for myself irrespective of my sex. Also this has always being my inner power that drives me and keeps me on the track and the path of success.

My Passions: knowledge

My Challenges: funds

My Vision for the Future: Setting up a standard school that is subsidised for the less privileged in the society.

My Areas of Expertise: Education: classroom management

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