Posted August 31, 2010 from Kenya


What do you say when the sun sets too soon? What do you say when the moon does not show? What do you say when the flower fades too soon? What do you say when the wind blows too fast?

I will say thank you I will say I am humbled I will say I am blessed I will say God is faithful

I have to let go I have to move on I have to rise But most importantly I have to release Because to release is to let go!

© Matu 2010

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  • Matu
    Aug 31, 2010
    Aug 31, 2010

    I lost a very close and dear person last week it was a sudden death. It is one of those special people whom you love but sort of take for granted thinking they will always be there for you. However life has a way of humbling us and we realise we are just mere mortals and each day needs to be appreciated and lived to the fullest.

    I have let go and relased my loved one because we loved him but God loved him more thanks and watch over us wherever you are