We listened We sighed We frowned We yawned We cried We denied And I wondered.......

Wondered about my childhood Wondered about my family Wondered why things turned out as they did Wondered what could have been done differently

As I listened to my two friends Our stories were the same

Stories of broken homes Stories of disappointing childhoods Stories of being let down by our parents Stories of feeling rejected Stories of feeling neglected

We sighed and kept quiet All of us immersed back in that world The world of uncertainty The world of fears The world we are all too happy to forget The world of our childhood

Why? Was the word that permanently left our lips Why did our parents give up on us so early in life Why did they not want to face us know and tell us the truth Why did we still feel miserable 25 to years later Why ? Why?

I realised that I need to let go Let go of the pain Let go of the anger Let go of the fear Let go of the worry Let go of my parents Let go of my childhood!

It is not easy but I am working at it ..........