Introducing myself and my journal: WOMEN ARE THE FUTURE OF THE SOCIETY

Posted August 12, 2010 from Kenya

About Me: I believe in a better society for tommorrows generation and it always begins with an individual. women can change the world because we have the power to do whatever we put our minds to. Am very passionate and committed to my cause and i always believe that the greatest investment ever is to invest in a person because with that we leave a legacy. I undertook my current career in engineering because i want to be a part of change and i am still developing myself to be able to effect that change in a few years. women let us support our men wholeheartedly because they need that to be better men. With this kind of forum i believe we can network all over the world and effect change in the smallest villages we were born in.

My Passions: I love life and people

My Challenges: how people at times dont separate me from my career.

My Vision for the Future: i want to change peoples life in any way possible.

My Areas of Expertise: civil engineering with a goal to be a project manager

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  • Fatima Waziri - Azi
    Aug 12, 2010
    Aug 12, 2010

    Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

    It’s so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fabulous time with your new online friends as well as find this to be a very positive experience. I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community. Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!

  • Eliana
    Aug 12, 2010
    Aug 12, 2010

    Dear Maureen,

    Nice to have you here on the site. I wish you to find new friends and people from all over the world with which to share, exchange ideas and establish friendship.

    Enjoy your time and experience here. It is really wonderful. I hope you find this site as amazing and interesting as I do.

    Best wishes and peace Eliana