Dear Prime Minister,

I've heard your reply to the demonstration we held yesterday, 13 February 2011. You said our demonstration was sectarian, and aimed at inducing you to dismiss, having "us" no other democratic way to obtain this objective.

Sure many of the slogans were directed to your person, but this is just the consequence of the personality cult you introduced into Italian politics.

If you had given more attention to our words, however, you'd have many more reasons of worry.

In a sense, your person is completely irrelevant to what we desire, as a whole.

First and foremost, we want dignity for all people, women and men alike.

We want the Italian culture to restore an equilibrated mixture of masculine and feminine qualities, after many years of grotesque machismo.

Overall, and this I say of myself being confident many more share this view, I think, and strongly feel, the perennial conflict and the divisions you elicited as your way of exerting power are at an end, and women and men of good will shall bury this your creature.

We are starting to reconstruct bridges. We'll make people restart dialogue, in reflexive calm, to envision the massive problems Italy is facing, and find all together viable solutions.

You have got the part of the demonstration message which is "against". But one thousand times worse for your political style is the other part, that "with", and "beyond".

You say our aim is exclusively to dismiss you. But what we want to dismiss is an entire unjust, inequitable system lacking skill, ability, lovely care. We ask the missing words of women finally resonate.

This is just a beginning. Other actions will follow. And, with them, positive proposal. So sensible and "obvious" only bad faith will try to dismiss as factious and partisan.

In faith and respect,

Mauri Favaron

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Wonderful letter. I stand beside you guys. And I know most people in this community are here to back you up.

Berlusconi: Stop the predating, begin the thinking.

Well done Italian ladies!

Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

With so many helpful words, how not taking a stand?

Of course, a big, very big thank to the Italian ladies who have done it.

United, we'll win. United, we'll build, rebuild, clean-out the mess. And, finally, heal.