The recent gas attack targeting schoolgirls in Mahmud Raqi, Afghanistan, is just another "signal", if we want t use such a word.

A "signal" that learned, independent girls and women are not wanted at all by those insecure, ferocious fellows who claim acting in name of Islam.

I'm indignant, and outraged, of this attack.

I add up: we'll multiply all our energies just for this: doing our best so that girls have access to study, can learn as boy do, and are not banned, either directly of by indirect discrimination, by all fields boy can access.

The value of instruction for the future of our World is strategic, no less important that our species future. And this is especially important towards women, as their contribution, until now largely neglected, is one of the keys to construct the viable future we all human beings expect for our descendants.

And am sure, hatred will not win, if we all stay unite and supportive. If we ask strongly our Governments and Institution to take a stand in favor of instruction as a primary right, to be enforced when necessary.

I'm doing with my Government, and wish other people will follow.

To the despicable cowardly fellows who have done the attacks, and no doubt plan others, I say: Stop violence against girls and women. Immediately. We're vigilating, and will do our best to make your lifes miserable. We're millions, and together.


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Dear, thank for your support.

I'm beginning a little campaign with Italian parliament and government. Will inform you all of the development.

Besides, there is a big cultural challenge I'd like to get to attention. Very "italian", but maybe widespread.

In Western countries, Islam is largely unknown. In Italy, right-wing party Lega Nord and some extra-parliamentary forces have made fear of Islam (among many other "foreign things") a major point in their propaganda. In last election they increased significantly their vote base.

This can only generate hatred, fear, and further testosterone-fueled evil. But Islam is not the Talibans, and vice versa.

Women has to unite, claiming a place. And all people of good will, of any religion, should too.

(Even agnostics like me...)

THanks again.



Janice, as in the Inti Illimani' song, "El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!"

I'm organizing a little campaign among parliament women and the government. Will give all some details, as I've implemented.

And by the way, how are you? I remember you told me being very busy. I realize you are even busier day after day! (May add: I envy a bit you ability to live 30 hours in normal 24; am considering to rejuvenate the receipt of Asimov's thiotimoline to try the same. But as it turns out every year, as spring comes in i become sleepy, to say the best... Whops...).




I'll inform you of experiments on thiotimoline release 2... (am afraid I'd need an industrial-sized supply).