Before posting this I felt both excited and scared. But after some pondering, I decided to left frightening thoughts away, and try saying.

Why, then, not providing person-to-person mentoring/tutoring within the Math Support Gals group?

Sure giving free class material may be helpful, especially where budgets are tight. But also person-to-person interaction could be important!

I'm available to, within the Group. Maybe, someone else would love joining.

The addressee might be girls (and boys, too) in, say (in my case) high school and beginning university.

I'd do it for free, under one only condition: that the mentoree herself, when time will come and given occasion, will do the same to another person. I feel love can be only paid with love, and for practical and ethical reason this works at very best across generations (it already does).

Like a preseloan! (This is a word combining "present" and "loan" I and my friends in Italy practice with books and other things: as you give something, the other person is free to consider it a sort of "loan", so she will have no obligation to "retaliate" with another "present". But in this case, the rule is she will return the preseloan to another person.

The scary part is, providing a quality help. Anyone has her/his speciality! I think could give some help in fields I use in my work: - Physics - Numerical mathematics - Quantitative ecology.

OK, am not that great super-expert. But in case of trouble I have friends to ask, and am willing to study together.

Would like what you do think about!



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That is a wonderful thought. I hope I could support you with that. While, I was in Afghanistan studying in 10th grade, I used to help my classmates in learning Math, Chemistry, and Geometry in class. Then after sometime studying with them and helping them, they used to learn more about these subjects. After that, during the 11th and 12th grade, some of my classmates and my friends used to come to our house during our exams, to solve their problems and to get prepared for the exams. Actually, it did not only have benefits for them, but also for me. Because I was practicing again and again and it made me more confident and solving questions as quickly as I can. It means that teaching does not only have benefits for those who learn but it also has benefits for those who teach. Actually one thing that I want to mention is that, I was really good at teaching Math, Geometry and Trigonometry in my own language (Farsi), but after starting the Access Academy program at AUW, I understood that I needed to know some algebraic words in English as well. So I have been trying to ask my teachers here to help me in learning these words in English in order to improve math skills. Dear Mauri, can I have one teacher to help me in my problems?

With love, Mursal,

Dear, you made remember me when , during the high school and even the university, I enjoyed learning together with some friends.

Life is so complicated, and sometimes our roads divide, but with one I'm still in contact (she's actually one of my best friends). I remember them all, and the moments. Mathematics may be a highly solitary subject, and this could be a problem. A huge one, in fact - both during your school time and (infinitely worse) during professional life. To date, I'm so happy having persisted with maths (being an applied mathematician is very "open" - Saturday, if weather allow, I'll do a very unusual geological survey aimed at checking the optical and thermal properties of a porfiric lithology: this is one of the kind of things a (very lucky) applied mathematician may be asked to do. I love with all my heart going on field, and thank all days the moment I decided this career). But in some occasions feel very "alone", especially in my crowded office - as the "mathematician", people imagine I'm in some way inaccessible and distant (just the opposite I feel of me).

It would be a joy for me if we can help together. English is not my first language, but in my profession I had to "read a lot". Maybe, I may help you with some term/problem! And, as problem type is more defined, look for others' help! That would be a great way to expand the group, by the way!

In exchange, might you want to help me (a little bit, and as you want/can) with finding fresh ideas for the Gals? (Boys too, of course) (Say, "little humans who were told math and physics are terrible things"). You have just done - and I have to thank you of this.