After the 16 Days, the Remaining 349!

Mauri Favaron
Posted December 10, 2009 from Italy

Dear you all! This is a little balance: the 16 Days officially close within three hours in my time zone, and something, tiny but nonzero, has happened.

I sent an informative message to all the women in Italian Parliament, explaining of the initiative and its importance.

And to date, I received three answers.

This number seems very small. But I know how is difficult for politicians to find a crumb of time, and in Italy now there are huge urgencies (the Financial Law, to name one). Three of them have read the message, and decided to answer it.

Interesting: these people are from both the left and right wing. I read this as a success, after all: the theme is too important for any part to appropriate it and make instrumental to their political interests.

On average, I see, we Pulsewires are not especially impressed by numbers. Taking scores is not our average habit. And in this case, I'm no different. Would 100, 200, or just 1 people answered, that would have to me more or less the same.

What's really essential, there are sensitive and passionate poliicians. Three wrote back to me. Many others maybe have just not found the time to do, but that's a minor detail.

Today I sent a second letter to all who replied me. This time it's more an invitation, to stay in touch and "open a channel". I'll look what will it happen. But now I'm confident this move, as little as it is, may elicit a follow-up.

Sure now the Italian Parliament and Government know of the "16 Days".

Will all of us-four will be able to build something positive, of this? I hope, and will try. It costs nothing, thanks to actual technology! I can promise nothing, but am dreaming something for the next "16 Days"...

But now the "16 Days" are about to close. Officially, at least.

The problem of violence against women and children remains, however. All of us have made some effort, and gained attention, which already has translated into a bit-higher awareness. This is an enormous result (and, I admit, I did not imagine it would have been possible).

Now, I'm wondering what we may do for the remaining of the year.

The problem is so important, I feel an urge to go on, posting something else under the keyword "16 Days".Unless any of yo have a better idea - I'll accept freely!

So, let's proceed!

I try going on (and feel very excited about).

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence 2009

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