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Mauri Favaron
Posted February 3, 2010 from Italy

Dear "you", who decided using a bit of your very precious "your-time" to read this post,

I'm glad to see the "Math Support Gals" group sister site,, growing a bit day after day as a plantlet developing little leaves and roots, and searching their way.

(My gladness is, I admit, a bit self-incensing: as a group member I have some part in the site construction. Hope you will forgive me!)

But attention goes on once again to the little herb who, I hope in admiration, will be a huge tree sometimes.

Will this tiny green thing be useful, right in her vegetable-infancy? I wish, I wish!

Some of the leaves may be of interest already now.

One of them deals with "the real world". That is, application of mathematics and physics to daily hard problems, like protecting the environment.

One other leave (which I personally love so much) deals with experiences exciting people had on mathematics. We may be "arrived people" now, but there was time in which we were children, when we had to make important choices, and discovered so many things of so great later importance.

One other leaf (or better: just a gem to date) is (no, no, "will" - with a great deal of help by you) giving an account of talents girls already have in mathematics, physics and sciences, maybe without knowing, maybe being pressured meanwhile to forget them and follow some other, "conventional" development trail.

These are just three leaves - of the roots I haven't said.

I'd love getting your comments, if you have a bit of time to check the sister site.

In hope this cub-of-tree will be useful to girls, their parents, and teachers.



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  • Sunita Basnet
    Feb 04, 2010
    Feb 04, 2010

    Waooooooooooo! what a beautiful website....... I am so much impressed with the design.

    I am so much happy... Oh we have to close our lab.. gotta go.. I will send you an email tomorrow...

    Love you much XXX

  • Mauri Favaron
    Feb 04, 2010
    Feb 04, 2010

    Sunita, dear sister!

    I'm happy you like the site and, more even, to hear from you.

    Also, understanding you're so busy: THAT'S GREAT!!

    I've just to confess a thing: the site's graphic is one my program allows. I just had to find it among the many available (or, to let it find me).

    And: how are you, dear?

    Love, and a hug


  • Jacqueline Patiño
    Feb 04, 2010
    Feb 04, 2010

    I saw that we have a place for inspiring books in the repository site, so I decided to post the name of a book that inspired me as a kid, so some gals that may read this can buy it when they happen to come around it.

    It is called "The Man Who Calculated" by Malba Tahan. It tells the story of a man who calculated very interesting stuff, and it is a very nice read. It inspired me when I was young, and maybe it was because I read that he had fun with math that I later on decided math was worth giving a try.

    I have the link to get the book to read for free, but unfortunately it is only in Spanish. English readers can google it for a summary, and buy it through Amazon.

    Here is the link:

    Have fun!

    Please post this in the sister site also, and in the Math Support Gals as well (I have not tried it yet... will do some time soon).

    Love and hugs,


  • Mauri Favaron
    Feb 04, 2010
    Feb 04, 2010

    Jackie, dear!

    I wasn't able to resist the temptation to follow the thread my friend had indicated me, and have a (for the moment quick) look at It.

    As I see, it's joyful, funny - and definitely a "must read" for me.

    I'll try the spanish edition - I'm not very accustomed (yet) to it, but able to read quite at ease. Besides, it's the atmosphere! And sooner or later, I'll get lion's tail with naked hands and try the original Portuguese edition, too!

    For English-speaking readers: the book is available under the title "The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures", and can be found on Amazon and other sources.

    I post te title to the sister site, and your recommendation to the Math Support Gals group page.

    (Why 142857? What this mysterious number is able to do? Malba Tahan may show us!)

    Love, and a warm thank you!


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