Some days ago, the administrative elections in Italy have once more witnessed an advance of right-wing parties. The news are, the huge gain of votes of the extreme right (Lega Nord) to the centre-right (Partito della Libertà), and the overall decrease of center-left Democratic Party.

But maybe, the most striking fact was the really massive rise of abstension party.

I'm not happy with this all, but some analysis is worth, with a cold mind, after some days.

I can say, the rise of people who decided to intentionally not vote is sad, yet not surprising.

In part, the parties involved in the election campaign did their best to strip legitimation off the elections. Some have made gross, unacceptable bureaucratic errors preventing some lists being prevented (and thus spoiling their own electors the right to express their intention). The others instrumentally used these errors to get rid of some adversaries. Who, in turn, did not admit their fault, counterattacking by saying their adversaries were trying to shut their mouth off.

This was just the end point, of an attitude and a language much far away of real world problems.

The overall climate is well represented by the intestine fight among both the Democrat Party and the Partito della Libertà. So many want one only thing, "leadership". And they tried obtaining it by any possible mean. This is specially evident in the Democratic Party, where the obsession of deciding who is the boss seems paramount, and is not counterbalanced by some evident strength disparity. Just a tiny difference, however.

In fact, none of the real problems have been discussed. No mention to the destruction of territory by savage and rampant cementification (an issue well in reach of regional and municipality authorities). No mention to water management, after the "privatization" and its disastrous onset (with some municipalities in fact acting in contrast to the new normative, independently of political orientation). No mention to energy supply and management policies (with the exception of a little right-wing party allied with the centre-left).

In short: a lot of litigation, much noise, and no decision projected on the long term.

The main issues are filled, could say "stinking", of testosterone: ethnic identity, sense of security ("against" foreigners)... You know: the guys love to street-fight fiercely, provided the end results is a plain nothing.

No wonder, then, that Italy has one of the lowest women representation rates in the world: who, in sanity of mind, would ever join the media carousel of verbal pointless conflict, and get satisfaction from it?

Things are then stuck. As usual. At least singe early nineties of last century Italy is facing economic and cultural stagnation, accompanied by a diffuse sense of uncertainty and fear. That's the consequence of testosterone-fueled politics, I imagine.

But: we need policymaking, not politics. A lot of not-so-spectacular work behind the scenes, by leaders wiling to service collectivity, in a competent and savvy way.

This is to say: we need an entirely different ruling class (and a viable, humane place for the current, obsolete, one). It must be constructed, I'm aware, from the almost-void. It must include the voices of women, as leaders and not as followers or decorative presences.

Will my cry spread, and elicit something really new. Twenty years of continuous stop for a country as beautiful and resource-rich as Italy are too many, and we do not sincerely devise.

Will we do?

Italian friends, where are you?! Please show we are alive!

A hug, to you all, in hope.


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We also had elections this Sunday. Local ones, all over my country. In Bolivia there is no opposition. Resurrection Sunday has resurrected a bit of it, hehe.

Italy is such a beautiful country. I love hearing from you, and knowing about its latest happenings. People like you are great ambassadors for Italy. Thanks for sharing this.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Hi Jackie!!

In Italy, it seems the Saint Friday did prevail. There "was" an opposition, and today there is a little less of it.

But: may hope come from person 2 person work?!

We have an apparent paradox: a very fight-enamoured political class, and, meanwhile, legions of people who privately, more or less organized, voluntary to give assistance, provide help, and do so many positive things.

My idea is, if "politics" becomes just a media enterprise, true politics and policymaking may take place somewhere else.

As I told once, it is largely us, the civil society, to be missing. We assume politicians will never listen to people - and true, many of them do not listen most times. But no one has systematically tested this hypothesis.

In my opinion, this is largely false!

If politicians are not willing to express "projects", we citizen can!

Or, at least try...



I think there is no perfect election system anywhere. But at the same time we can't shun our responsibility as individuals.

With best wishes, 

Nusrat Ara

WorldPulse Community Champion 

Environment Group