On the gas attack to schoolgirls in Afghanistan

Mauri Favaron
Posted April 26, 2010 from Italy

The recent gas attack targeting schoolgirls in Mahmud Raqi, Afghanistan, is just another "signal", if we want t use such a word.

A "signal" that learned, independent girls and women are not wanted at all by those insecure, ferocious fellows who claim acting in name of Islam.

I'm indignant, and outraged, of this attack.

I add up: we'll multiply all our energies just for this: doing our best so that girls have access to study, can learn as boy do, and are not banned, either directly of by indirect discrimination, by all fields boy can access.

The value of instruction for the future of our World is strategic, no less important that our species future. And this is especially important towards women, as their contribution, until now largely neglected, is one of the keys to construct the viable future we all human beings expect for our descendants.

And am sure, hatred will not win, if we all stay unite and supportive. If we ask strongly our Governments and Institution to take a stand in favor of instruction as a primary right, to be enforced when necessary.

I'm doing with my Government, and wish other people will follow.

To the despicable cowardly fellows who have done the attacks, and no doubt plan others, I say: Stop violence against girls and women. Immediately. We're vigilating, and will do our best to make your lifes miserable. We're millions, and together.


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  • Mursal Hamraz
    Apr 26, 2010
    Apr 26, 2010

    Hi Mauri,

    So nice journal, I can feel the situation that has happened in Afghanistan. We have tried to reach our voices to the government, but instead what did we get? Nothing only making ourselves tired and dishearten. So it is the time to show them by our knowledge. I am a girl who now do not care about war, or violence against women, but who thinks to make the future bright. No mentioning the war anymore, instead thinking about future.


  • Mauri Favaron
    Apr 27, 2010
    Apr 27, 2010

    Mursal, dear, you are so welcome!

    I've just read your interview with Sunita. Your story is so moving... And yes, we have a big, big problem. Issues related to places "far away" seldom have an opportunity to touch hearts.

    Then you look around, and have to admit: "Oh, there is no far away place!" Any "there" is "here". Any "now in a place" might be a "tomorrow in another".

    Governments, I see, have a natural inertia. I want to believe this is because they are very large organizations, made of a few visible people and an almost infinite amount of others, acting behind shadow (and, in Italy, sometimes not in full coordination). As I've seen here, any communication with such a large body requires time. "But"... Some people answer!

    So, now, I'm trying to "inform" Italian institutions. Of course they know the situation better than I can. But hearing of concern by someone may raise the subject in their priority list. I'm trying.

    I think the specific problem of Afghanistan may be solved only if nations are united, and women rights are high in all their priority lists. Women rights are human rights, and vice versa - this may seem obvious to us (and it is), but is not still a rooted concept. So we have to insist, day after day.

    Some Governments may be more oblivious than others. But in my view, they are just trying to oppose to the passing away of time, as the dutch kid who pretended to save his country by placing his finger in the dam hole (a beautiful European legend). The dam is already saturated of water, and leaks are everywhere. It's just matter of time, but a more inclusive concept of us humans will break in.

    (The stronger the pressure, the more ferocious the resistance).

    I've seen you'd like to be an engineer. Have you already chosen a field? My curiosity, forgive me! ;-)

    This to say, if you want to join the Math Support Gals group you're welcome (and we would be glad to learn from you; and, on organizing some form of tutoring at distance).

    You may find all data in the group's home page, http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/groups/17136.

    If you're interested, please don't feel "too scared"! We cooked the home page a bit -ahem- "impressive". And yes, we are ambitious. But can assure you in advance our spirit is much more joyful than we seem on a first glance.

    (Actually, it is not fully clear who the "gals" are - our students/kids/..., ourselves, or both)

    Just allow me to "authorize" your connection. Tomorrow may have some difficulty, as will be out office (I appeal to the engineer in you: will try, with an incredibly talented colleague, to understand why a SODAR is not working :-) Either we'll fix it, of the SODAR will fix us - hope the first).

    And last, thanks of your comment. I'm honored!



  • Mursal Hamraz
    Apr 27, 2010
    Apr 27, 2010

    Yeah, I know we human beings are faraway across the world, but infact we have the sense of humanity to understand each others feelings. It is true, nations in Afghanistan are not united, every nation prefers itself than the others and these facts make the government weak and opens the door of war to the enemies (Taliban). "If we do not have unity within ourselves, can we fight against our enemies as a united nation or country? exactly NO! Actually I like to be an engineer, but now I am an Access Academy student and will graduate within two months after that I will study in Liberal Arts field and then I will probably get my master degree in Engineering because I really like it. I will join the Math Support Gals soon.

    Thanks, Mursal

  • Mauri Favaron
    Apr 28, 2010
    Apr 28, 2010

    Dear, your words resound (sadly) with the situation here in Italy and Europe. We "could" be united, but to date the forces claiming identities and separation seem strong.

    We have to contrast, however. It's important for us, and our descendants. I'd personally would like a World where all can thrive, regardless of their faith. Where all may grow, explore, realize themselves, co-create.

    As I speak with my friends, and people like you (a friend, too!) this seems to me so simple, so immediately obvious...

    And then, just in the mundane world of my work, I see other values are honored. Easy success, fight-just-for-fight, fear (yes, even "fear" and "cowardice" - they are presented as "values" by some people).. OK, very, very sad things.

    And we are named the "idealists".

    I'm not certain, yet am quite sure being "idealist" today means just to be "realistic and pragmatic" in the long run.

    Feel also very strongly that real values unite, instead of separating. That the whole World is deeply connected, to a level our minds can not entirely grasp - and our intellectual endeavor might be also this, to discover connections.

    That acting "sweetly" and sensitively means being strong. (This position seems to be quite subversive in Italy)

    That, more important, we can just love each other, understand different cultures (provided they are really different, and not faces of a same multi-dimensional medal), and spend together time to devise ways for us and our descendants to live (not just "survive").

    I wish you the greatest success possible as an engineer. I see your passion! Practicing engineering is a very direct way of changing the World for the better, as I learned from some my engineer friends. Sometimes, it is a form of art - not the kind of art people will speak of for centuries, but art anyway. Something all people will use seamlessly, without even realizing it exists, but relying on it.

    It's a great responsibility, too.

    So, my very best wishes to you!

    I'm considering (will post soon on this on both the Math Support Gals and my journal) to invite the "Gals" (well, the old ones, that is, the members of the group) to provide, if they can, some distance mentoring and person-to-person tutoring/stewardship. Maybe this is not immediately useful to you, but I'd like to know what you think about. I'm available to do (at least, to try - am a sort of entrepreneur, more than a teacher, but am very very committed to help).

    Dear, as soon as you will apply (plus a random time depending on my non-deterministic Internet (and brain!) connection) to the MSG I'll immediately "authorize" you.



  • Mursal Hamraz
    Apr 28, 2010
    Apr 28, 2010

    Dear, thanks for your sympathy. It makes me more powerfull to start my new world full of courage. Once our Reading/Writing teacher showed us a movie about Oneness in all over the world, I was really happy to see all the people from different regions try to help each other by different ways. I have just finished my exams and now I am free to search and get information from Math Support Gals. Actually I do not have alot of information about enjineering, but I do like to learn it. So it would the best chance for me to be taught about engineering, and to share my own ideas. I will apply and will hopefully continue getting information from this source. I will also share one piece of writing that I have written about what is my feeling and way of understanding of engineering.

    with love, Mursal,

  • Mauri Favaron
    Apr 29, 2010
    Apr 29, 2010

    Dear, your teacher was really right!

    I feel one of the most interesting, moving and amusing things in this World is that all of us humans are connected. That this connection extends to the whole Earth, and the numberless creatures, animated and not, living on it.

    Some people (also in Italy - in these years we have really many of them, too much truly) will always insist this is not true, or undesirable, and that all people are "independent", all fighting, the "strongest only prevailing". Then I see them, with no exception, inhabiting some home, maybe driving a car, or taking the bus, then going to work... In ten minutes, they will meet hundreds of people their life depends on, literally. The thing they all use have been manufactured, designed, sold, bought, by a chain of thousands people. All of them will lend for love, whatever mask they will try to wear...

    And I smile. Of them, and myself. How many incredible things do we believe!

    But one stands out. I imagine it as a form of primal love.

    I was so lucky to have a happy childhood. As a child, I perceived all the love my parents gave as a sense of security, of warmth, but never imagined it as something they gave me by their choice. Then you grow, and realize you will never be able to pay back this love to them. You try your best, but there is an imbalance, as you began being really conscious and empathetic many years later than them... There is only one way to pay back the love we received, I think, and it is giving it to others. To the world. To next generations.

    So, we all sooner or later feel an urge to "give". To meet others, and be friend to them. Wishing they will avoid your own errors. And connecting.

    I see you are taken already, in this. You have passion, and are one of the people who will build the planet's future. We all do, of course, but your generation has a decisive advantage: more years to live - and less preconcepts.

    You want to live, loving, with passion, despite how the world we contributed to make works. This is a powerful star. Your star. Follow it, dear, follow it. Wherever it will conduce, it will be for good only.

    I'm so glad you are evaluating to join the Math Support Gals. I'll have the pleasure and honor of admitting you.

    I'm really curious to read your post about your concept of engineering, and your possible place in it. I promise, I'll comment on. As an applied mathematician (well, "sort of"), I encountered both technics and great technicians, and would be glad to share experiences. I've made many errors, too... (if possible not to copy :-) )

    And sure, you will find so many interesting people and ideas.



  • Mursal Hamraz
    Apr 30, 2010
    Apr 30, 2010

    Dear Mauri,

    As you said our responsibility towards others is to help them. That is completely true. As I learned in the Science of Happiness, that there are several ways to be happy, (The Gratitude Attitude, Keeping smile, Helping others, Happy memories), so helping others does not only makes others happy by helping them but it also makes us happy and gives us the advantages of a happy life. I love helping others and teaching them whatever I learned. I will be waiting for your experiences of being a mathematician and helping others in different ways.

    With love,


  • Mauri Favaron
    May 04, 2010
    May 04, 2010

    Mursal, dear,

    as you say, it's heartwarming to help others. We feel complete, as we can do.

    As helping is essetially "to give", expecting nothing in direct reward, I've discovered the hard way the first step is, stopping sometimes and recharge your own "batteries".

    It's strange, and counterintuitive. To me, feeling "helpful" give a sense of personal fulfillment which is a reward in itself. Maybe it's chemical - as we help we are said to produce oxytocin, whose first effect is just feeling so that, happy, and very connective.

    You don't realize the drain, which also exist. It's a balance, in a sense. As I conceptualized it (please forgive me! I'm quite a rationalist ;-) And this, despite the Only Neuron in the World never visits me :-) ), there will eventually be a point in which your ability to give may fade, if you don't grow up something "new".

    And that would be unacceptable: no oxytocin any more... (I'm quite an addict ;-) )

    Jokes apart, I now feel this is a very important thing. Just, sometimes, retiring in my magic wood and doing life balances, or reflecting, is essential to me. Or doing the kind of field work demanding just some physical work, but leaving your mind free to wander and ponder (from cooking, to measuring rock stiffness with a Schmidt hammer (an apparently dull and repetitive work), the effect is right the same). It is as if we are not creative in ourselves (at least, in our conscious part), but as we can channel positive energy popping up all around us. On being, supremely, receptive, so to give.

    This is a reason I've decided "not" to teach in a school, in the moment, and rather doing a (sort of) entrepreneur and professional. I love teaching, really. And I want to be able giving something really "mine" in it.

    I know I'm all but original, in this ;-)

    Behind all of this, I imagine a fundamental right maybe no one has already written: the freedom of Being Thyself.

    Beyond the (please excuse me of the ugly term - sooner or later I'll find a better one) "domestication" all of us are subject. Beyond artificial categories, divisions, structures, denied spaces - and paces.

    I have been so lucky, to have the opportunity of even conceiving this as a realizable, desirable aim. But this is nothing, if there is a person in the World who can not do.