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profit making organization. The Organization was established and registered in 2011 by the Ministry of Home affairs vide registration no. SO (see attachment No.1-certificate of Tanzania act no 88183 of 19th December 2011 registration). The organization is working to facilitate to improve socio-economic condition of vulnerable, marginalized and deprived community members in Tanzania . To accomplish these goals, WEKA AKIBA engages in promoting programs that are echoed in enabling community members to gain access to information, education, training and services which address their prevailing needs and problems in the society that WEKA AKIBA KUONGEZA MALI is a non-Governmental, non-political, non-religious, non-include but are not limited to; skills training, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, sexual transmitted infections, drug abuse, unplanned pregnancies, Health and integrated rural/urban development . The head office is based in Daressalaam region. It has also field offices in Morogoro and mbeya and dodoma regions.

The organization has more than 2 years experience in managing donor funded community based development projects and initiatives that aim at supporting and improving livelihoods of the vulnerable groups in the society which include; women, youth, disadvantaged men and other vulnerable groups whereby HIV/AIDS is mainstreamed. In the human resources aspect, WEKA AKIBA has experienced staffs who have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the rural communities in Tanzania. WEKA AKIBA currently has 10 personnel qualified in Health care, sustainable resource management (environmental management), Micro-enterprise development (Business Development Services), Microfinance development services, Organisational development, Media/Film Documentary production, Management and Administration of community development programs.

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    Sep 15, 2013
    Sep 15, 2013

    We thanks COCA COLA Tanzania for their support to our women and girls on trainings on economic empowerment in village banking

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