Gaia is a word, a Greek goddess, a theory, and even more - it is a consciousness that is rising irrepressibly among people today.

We can hear and see it in the names given to corporations, to children, to websites.

We can see it in the initiatives that the name Gaia has sparked.

We can know of it by the knowledge of books.

And above all, we can sense it in the consciousness that is rising on Planet Earth, that maybe at this moment of time, all beings on earth, sentient and insentient, can acknowledge their inter-connection.

As a human being, I connect to the heart of earth; as a wordsmith, I enjoy seeing that heart mixed up spells earth;as woman, I sense the tides of earth and our own uncaring neglect of a loved mother;as a healer, no other word seems to suggest wholeness for those on earth as this one.


The Gaia Minute The Gaia Minute Initiative~Gaia is Calling

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