I have no reason to know what any other woman is going through at any moment. I could easily wake up each morning, open my eyes to my own familiar world, and venture forward, day after day. My own struggles, my fears, the daily injustices I see, would be lost within my core, unable to connect to others. But this is not how I choose to live. I choose to take part in the global community offered my this winding online world. I choose to search far beyond myself to hear and absorb the voices of countless others. I choose find strength, I choose to share pain, and I choose to educate myself within the fervent fabric of the global feminist community. The very nature of this excites me. To know that a woman, a girl, or a man in some far off country could add to my journey is an incredible realization. To believe that I could speak my timid words and be supported by the compassionate network of activists spurs me forward. This is a solution for my internal fear, my ingrained sense of inadequacy. If this one person, me, can overcome the pervasive obstacle of insecurity and crippling worthlessness, what can it do for the greater feminist community? Strength. We learn from each other through the clogged channels of the internet. We leap over the degrading advertisements, the demeaning pop-ups, and we address them. The global empowerment movement gains momentum every time a woman decides to post her thoughts. Any time a young man chooses to add his voice, his radical thoughts of equality. I believe the empowerment of women must be paralleled by the empowerment of the radical young man. I believe we strong global feminists empower not only the newest generation of girls; we bring a message to the young men, the boys, that they too can think outside the box of men's cologne and hair product. Web 2.0 is so much more than flashing graphics; it is a up-all-night siren call to the activist in every man, woman, and child. It shows us all that there is more. And that there are many, many more people who are ready to fight.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0.

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I feel that what you wrote in your essay is very true. I do believe the tools that are at our access provide a lot of support, strength, and hope. Continue using the tools and we will all benefit!

Thanks for sharing,

Sally Smith

I have to second the previous post by saying that the title "up all night siren call" that you give to Web 2.0 is amazing! Good job with that one! You are obviously a creative thinker!