Mostly in all societies, it has been depicted that women are weaker than men, mentally or physically.The sad part of the issue is that women themselves do admit this, especially referring that we are physically weak. I always denied it because of two reasons. First, that women are made in such a way that they could do the most miraculous job in the world, they can bring a new life in this world. And the second reason, human race is one of the weakest species in the whole world. Even a men cannot do anything when encountered with a snake,lion,elephant or thousands of other animal. The thing is that humans do have brains and that is the greatest power, so being physically strong doesn't means anything.

I have said all this in reference to a new Bollywood movie, 'kahani'. If one could watch this one must, because then you feel so strong as a women. Moreover I am more happy because of the two reasons, that now there are movies and actresses in Bollywood too which depicts women as an independent strong women, and one can assume after watching this movie that if a women want, then she can do and achieve anything.

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I feel that the language we use when talking to men vs talking to women has a lot to do with this. I believe the words we use with women are very dismissive (of feelings and thoughts etc) and often are phrased in a way to make women look or feel week. We do not use this same language when talking to or about men. I also see women doing this to other women. I think when we women can learn to talk to and with each other in a more positive way and encourage each other we can make huge changes.

I will look for this movie. Thank you!

Thanks for commenting dear. You pointed true, that is what hurts me that women themselves do not care when they use themselves such language and they do not realize what they are doing.