Growing taste to test it!

Posted January 12, 2012 from Bangladesh

Growing taste about something! I may have heard of this before and I was quite irritated with it when I couldn’t get the taste of a bitter drink which was very much loved by my companion. He told me that I need to grow taste for bitterness to appreciate its true flavor and taste! It sounded ridicules to me, what I do not like, I just do not like! How is it possible that I will like that bitter thing when I get used to it or I keep trying to drink it! Who knew I will actually agree with it later! The realization came just few days ago when I was having a usual discussion with one of my colleague about why girls in our society are depended on others and most of the cases quite happily dependent. And many men accuse women to enjoy their ‘opportunity’ to stay at home and spend the money of their spouses on shopping and wasting time on TV drama serials. There are many accusations similar to this and with exception; I have to admit this is true for many girls of our society. There are many aspects of these accusations but today I want focus on this point – why so many women are happily dependent on others for every need of them? Why they keep themselves busy only with shopping and dressing up and looking beautiful and discussing about drama serials? Not that I don’t do it or it’s bad to do these things; but why ‘only’ unproductive activity? Why lack of interest in fields where they can prove their capability, earn their independence and be self dependent? Why they need to be accompanied everywhere, advised on each task related to outer world? Why they cannot make decision or be strict about their choices? Yah! At this point of time of the discussion, that line came into my mind. It just popped up! – They don’t because – They don’t know how it tastes! How freedom feel, how self-dependency sense like and how achievements taste like! If someone never laid flat on earth and looked into the endless sky full with shiny speckles of stars and felt how they come close to eyes and dance there! How could one know how it feels to be out there? How standing on the mountain top feels like? How it feels to earn money for the first time and make the decision what the first gift of labor to buy for dearest mom! Nobody can describe those and nobody can feel these unless by doing it. So, I don’t blame anyone for what they do in their small confined world, they just don’t know how to taste the things out of reach. What is important – to give them opportunity to taste it! And grow taste for it. I am certain many of them will find new meaning of life! May be its bitter at the beginning, may be the struggle will feel bad initially – but at the end – when they learn to taste, they will win all the test of Life!

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