My mother paid for a tattoo a few years ago that is on the center of my back, anahata, the heart center of the body.

Mom, hear me.

Sitting in front of a farm house in New England, it starts raining and I miss you. I wish there were songs I knew of that you loved so I could listen to them right now, but the rain will suffice.
 Mei Li | 06 Dec 2011 | Recommended by 1

108 Days

It will be 90 days before we have autopsy results. I will write daily, even if it is two lines, for every bead on a mala. 108 days: It's a long time since I went to mother's for a cup

Writing : Necessity

The other night in class my professor was talking about the difference in the poems we create when we are writing out of necessity, or just writing to write: meet a deadline, get an assignment done, e