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a grant writer______________________
a local advocate who believes in female empowerment__________________
a dance therapist/choreographer________________________
an art teacher and professional ballerina: rebekah
a shaman in training_________________
wildflower gardener__________________
vegetable gardener___________________
spoken word poet/midwife/on-site counselor: selah
music festival stuff_______________________
accountant who loves to count flower petals__________________
camp coordinator________________
community involvement___________________
more to come....
oh...canoe builder__________________________
essential oil mixer/soap maker________________
thespians, lesbians, government questioners___________________
documentary watchers to organize community movie nights____________________
music buffs to introduce community to music that makes you dance or feel grateful______________________

* please note, no cooks can/will be hired unless they exhibit daily connection to the earth and understand the metaphors of the garden.

**women strongly encouraged to express interest, Resurrect the Red Tent!

****all positions open to multiple people