between rocks & laptop in India
  • between rocks & laptop in India
Ten years ago I realized communication with a broader community about energy use in the built environment was a key move in creating change. I took the rather prosaic step of applying for a doctoral program in Rhetoric and Technical Communication so I could study classic and modern persuasive strategies and keep abreast of educational possibilities using technical communication. I completed my doctorate in 2007, but remain overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of online communication possibilities and underwhelmed with this powerful medium of communication positively effecting issues of social justice and environmental preservation. Recently I was visiting a journalist friend, also of North American Baby Boomer vintage, and learned about World Pulse and PulseWire’s educational initiative. Am I too old to be considered for Web 2.0 Citizen Journalism training? Perhaps, but I also remember a discussion I had in India at a meeting of South Asia Women in Energy (SAWIE) where women from eight countries of South Asia met to discuss what women could do to conserve energy and impact use of renewable energy. I told a young engineer from Nepal that I was grateful for her attendance and she smiled and said she was glad to see a woman of my age also interested and actively engaged in the topic. SAWIE valiantly attempts to keep women of the region abreast of energy issues, but each participant is doubtless mired in the day-to-day concerns of energy use in her country, her community, and her particular role. Even with online connectivity, it’s been difficult for us to maintain the momentum and pursue the goals established in our conferences. What startled me about the PulseWire initiative is focus not so much on the specific issue under consideration, but on the ability of women to communicate widely about their concerns. Communication and not just content is the focus. The lead-up commentaries submitted before this application process began were a dramatic airing of thoughts and feelings of women from varied countries giving voice and vibrancy to the global sisterhood. The relatively recent, yet amazing global reach of PulseWire gives me hope that establishing this online community may indeed give us WOMEN’S VOICES writ large enough to create positive change in myriad realms of concern globally. Despite my doctoral focus on effective communication encompassing technical usage, I find myself feeling as though I’m peering through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars where my goal of engendering activism relating to energy use in the built environment seems far, far away. Voices of Our Future is helping me turn the binoculars around and seeing my personal vision of enhanced perception and use of energy changed by empowering the voices of women, the most powerful change agents on the planet, to effect change. I’m an activist and computer literate, but PulseWire offers hope of dramatically impacting the volume and reach of my voice and that of my global sisters in creating societal change.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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Dear Mekindred

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I , personally learned from you story that no matter how old we are , we learn every day and as long as we are living on this globe , we ought to contribute somehow , even in fields that we did not study or know before.


Sahar Nuraddin

follow me @ssnuraddin--------------"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."- Helen Keller

Sahar, thank you for your response. Indeed, we all need to continue learning and adding to our "toolbox" of knowledge and skills to help address the myriad challenges that greet us each day throughout the world.


Very interesting story. I think what you are doing is amazing. I like how you discuss the hope that is provided and voices that are able to be heard. My favorite is your discussion of being able to turn your binoculars around. It's as if I can share in that good feeling with you. I wish you well with what you are doing!


Sally, there's so much information on the Internet generally -- and even here on PulseWire -- that it's just plain lovely to receive a response such as yours. Thanks! And all the b(l)est on your work, too!! +++Merle


Merle - What a great entry! So well written and thoughtful. You may be somewhat self deprecating about your age, but clearly it has added experience and wisdom to your story. I think whether whether womens' issues in general or whether specifically in energy, you have a lot to ad to the discussion. Clearly you have the drive to make things really happen! Kudos! Vega

Vega, I appreciate your time in responding to my post. It's most interesting and heartening to see and be part of the evolution of this PulseWorld exercise in global communication. Best wishes on the success of your work, too! +++Merle