Hi, friends of WP. I finally finished the sketches for my logo.

Menta (Mint in english, also a female short name for mentoring), is an organization that seeks to empower women economically through a mentoring program and network. In this program, recognized and successful business women donate their time and knowledge to mentor emerging entrepreneurial women, who in return support women with less resources. It is an exponential mentoring program, with which we aim to help many women thrive.

What I want to express in these logos is: Growth, trust, quality and freedom, freshness, innovation, support from one woman to another, community.

Please tell me which logo number you like best, and which number of slogans or descriptive line do you prefer.

Thank you very much for leaving your comments. Have a lovely day!


1 or 6 but the wording in 1 should change to what's written under the logo in 5 

Social Entrepreneur 

Nicole Joseph-Chin 







For me,  logo 3 or 6 interprits better however I vote logo 6.

Well done dear and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this noble dream. 

See you at the T O P! 

Hi Mercedes. I like #2 and I like the corresponding text as well, short and to the point. I also like the "m" in  #4 because it looks like two people holding hands.

Thank you all for your great input. I am testing the logos with my audience too for the final decision. I will update you  with the final choice. Bests for all