Introducing myself and my journal: Let's break the silence

Posted April 2, 2012 from Eritrea

About Me: I am an anti-FGM activist. The most critical problem confronting women in my society is Female Genital Mutilation. This cruel practice of cutting female genital is very common in Eritrea. Although the process is illegalized in by the government legislation in 2005, the practice still continues. I have volunteered with NUEYS as an Anti-FGM activist and proposed the “information technology incentive for women” to the NUEYS which is still not taking effect, due to budget constraints. I believe there should be more women-oriented programs to solve problems.

I strongly believe in women equality and tranquility. I strongly oppose the notion of women as a “weak human beings” under any circumstances. I oppose the politicians, religious leaders and community leaders that use their position to violate women rights.

My Passions: Activism and volunteerism

My Challenges: FGM

My Vision for the Future: FGM free society and women equality

My Areas of Expertise: Inormation technologist

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  • Nusrat Ara
    Apr 04, 2012
    Apr 04, 2012

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