Breaking the chains of sorrow

Posted July 26, 2013 from Cameroon

Till we find a reason to stay alive, till we find the resaon to make things move for us for the best, we'll still be lacking something.

At least once in life, we've been faced by situations in which we felt we were powerless. we felt there was no hope. The only solution seemed to give up and dive in sorrow.

At such moments, we have the feeling nothing is moving for the better.

We have the right to be hurt, to feel pain but we just can't break. He who hurts you aims to see you cry, see you suffer and make you sad. Overcoming sorrow, finding reasons to move on is the key to survival.

Whenever you are hurt, remember to keep the faith and walk tall.

You should not feel ashame because you were raped, you should not accuse yourself of the circumstances which let to your harrassment, you should not dive in sorrow because your husband abandoned you with children, you should move on, look for ways out and turn all obstacles into blessings.

Wonderful day to all

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    Aug 21, 2013
    Aug 21, 2013

    bien de te lire MESSA; dans toute situation vraiment il nous font la foi car" l'habitude habitue à l'inabitude" malgre toute ces sortes de violence faite aux femmes,toute discriminations; les femmes ne cessent de revendiquée,avec espoir qu'un jour cette violence et discrimination finirant par se transformé en bonheur eternelle. pour vous quelle piste de solution proposez-vous?