About Me: I have been a longtime member of the women's empowerment movement. I went to the UN Conference on Women, I've learned about the status of women around the world through The Hunger Project and Women's Earth Alliance and the World Pulse magazine. I am co-founder of a local women's movement called Gather the Women Nevada County. Bottom line, I believe women are the creators and nurturers of live on the planet and the key to healing it and creating a thriving world for all. I am currently leading workshops for women through which they can remember their dreams for their life and create a vision in which they are living their dreams. Our time is NOW. We can do this!

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Hi Meyoung,

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If you have not already, there are plenty of women here from US in particular that you might be interested in connecting with, and they're listed here: http://worldpulse.com/user/directory?country=15

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