About Me: Hello I am a 53 year old single mother of 3 and new grandmother of a 5 month old boy. I work as a care giver to a 90 year old woman and I am grateful for my job. This time last year my family was homeless and I am so grateful to have housing. The lady who I care for had a "Giving Thanks " dinner yesterday for her caregivers and families. My oldest daughter a recent student to a CSU also works as a care giver called me last night to thank me for what I do to provide for my family. (I work 19 hours per day and I only have a 5 hour break so I don't see my family often)But it is my daughter who makes the sacrifices for our family. We have had many hardships and to b honest it has been my daughter who has helped weather our storms.I was in a car accident recently and my car was totaled. I settled with the insurance co. but my award was only enough to pay the Dr. bills. I have a son with learning disabilities who despite our hardships, is a wonderful and kind young man.I would like to buy a car and have a Christmas with my children and give them gifts.I would like to get my daughter in touch with a record label to hear her because she aspires to become an artist but she put her family first and stays with her brother while I work. My daughter who is the new mother has just moved to her first apartment with her sons father. Her sister unselfishly made that possible. I really hope that My daughter Martina, can get a break and have something nice for herself. My children are Martina 27, Markell 24 and Malik 18 a High School Senior.

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