I would like to thank World Pulse for the service they provide, overcoming the damage done to women. In virtually every culture in the world they are connecting and educating women to the power they command working together.

Allow me to add my poor voice to this cause. My book, a mystery/suspense fiction, took ten years to write. Many reviewers have called it the equivalent of the Di Vinci Code only it is a mystery/suspense about the Mormon culture rather than Catholic.

Please do not be afraid of the book because it is a fiction. Stephen King said, "ln fiction we expose the truth behind the lie." My story, The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott: Heritage of Secrets, shows male values and behavior like they have never been exposed before. Non-Mormon's find the values underlying the culture of Mormonism difficult to swallow. Ex-Mormons are raving about the story.

A Salt Lake City journalist warned me that my life could be in danger. She said the hierarchy of Mormonism does not want this book on the market and while their policy takes no action on matters of this nature there are radical elements that act outside of church authority.

I am a man, Yes, but I am well educated and know the cultures of religion hold enormous financial power and political clout. Why? Because they are cultures of, for, and by men.

Please help me spread the word. Church daughters are being conditioned by the millions to lives of abject slavery every day all over the world by this world wide corporation.

If you buy my book, kindle or nook it, you will be helping me in my work and you will experience an entertaining story that one reviewer said is, " . . . an incredibly powerful, gripping novel."

World Pulse; thank you for the great work you do.

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