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I'm a simple person, just simple, who like talking to other persons who can change their ideas because they are convinced by me. It the same to me, I can change my idea because someone convince me. That is the fruit of experience, four or five years before, I thought that, if I make many time, many effort to look for solution, is only my solution which is the best but when I meet friends with whom, we discuss about our country, our dream and we create together our organization call Intellectual Movement for Change, I realize that my idea was not always the best and I learn to accept this. I know now, I am not the epitome or incarnation of good ideas. But, I continue to believe that everyone have to come with in put in order to find solution. It the same to our fight of women, together we can contribute to change situation. I'm usually says, if I want to change the global situation, myself i'm not complete, I have to look for filter of my mistakes and errors. I have to look for external forces. All life is a school, a study, that is why we need the materials. This material is others persons, their ideas, actions, dreams, experiences, knowledge, ... Therefore, if Micheline want to get benefit to this life she has, she must take every opportunity that comes its way. Those all women who give to me their experience and story are an opportunity for me to move more and move forward... Also, in french they say : " l'enfer c'est l'autre" means the hell is the other, it not the evident truth for me because, paradise is also the other.