When Misguided Optimism Makes Us Bad Global Citizens

Michelle Brock
Posted November 1, 2010 from Canada
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All of us like to think that we are generally good employees, friends, spouses, mothers, fathers, students, and citizens. While optimism can motivate us to be more confident and productive, misguided optimism and wearing rose-coloured glasses when assessing our own character can provide us a grand disservice.

Our society has created a culture of disconnection. No longer do we kill the animals we eat or plant the seeds that provide us with vegetables. Due to high government regulations it is illegal to even buy milk from a neighbour's cow! We play video games and watch movies to feel adventure instead of sailing out on an open ocean or trekking into the wild to confront our fears. Facebook, texting, and even blogging (yes, I realize the irony) have replaced a knock on a friend's door. We are more informed, educated, cyber-connected and efficient, but this ultimately results in a culture of disconnection.

When consumerism is paired with a culture of disconnection, a market for exploitation begins to take shape. Yes, there is a reason you got 'such a good deal' on those jeans, jacket, or shirt. Yes, someone did pick the coffee beans you now enjoy in your americano. No, it is not a coincidence the same countries appear on label after label when you check for laundry instructions on your clothing. People around the world sacrifice more, more, more while we buy more for less, less, less.

How is this all related to sex trafficking? Because one of the root causes of trafficking is poverty.

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